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American Family Insurance Championship benefits children in times of crisis


Learn about how first responders calm children in crisis situations and how an AmFam Champ grant has helped.

The American Family Insurance Championship is more than a golf tournament—it’s a chance to give back to the local community, children and families. In 2017, the championship raised over $1.6 million for charity.

For many local charities, a donation of $10,000 or less can have a significant impact on its cause. REACH-A-Child—a nonprofit that allows first responders to provide books and backpacks to children during times-of-crisis—is just one of these organizations.

“First responders use the power of a book to comfort children in crisis, and distract them from immediate trauma,” Executive Director of REACH-A-Child Curt Fuszard said. “Our goal is to provide children’s books and backpacks to every first responder in Wisconsin.”

REACH-A-Child hopes to distribute 22,000 children’s books in 2018. Right now, the organization is on pace to distribute 26,000 books.

In 2017, REACH-A-Child received a $10,000 grant from the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation through the proceeds from the AmFam Championship.

REACH-A-Child delivered thousands of books to over 500 Madison-area police officers using that grant.

“Even though we started providing these resources to the Madison Police Department years ago, the quantities need to be replenished,” Fuszard explained. “We can continue to provide books with this donation for at least two years.”

In the city of Middleton, adjacent to Madison, police officers like Jill Tutaj have worked REACH-A-Child for years and have seen its impact.

“Being a mom and a police officer, I will do anything for kids,” Tutaj said. “If we can bring anything to help ease the pain or make a situation less scary, we will do that.”

Check out the video below for more about REACH-A-Child and Jill’s work.

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