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Walking and viewing tips for spectators


Here's a great guide to URidge and best views for the tournament.

No. 1 – A public grandstand, sponsored by RSM, is available behind No. 1 tee. Fans can also watch tee shots while standing at the ropes on the left and right side of the tee for this 396-yard par 4. The right side of the fairway is available for viewing up to and behind the green.

No. 2 – A full concession stand and first aid tent are available to the right of No. 2 tee. This par 5 requires a tee shot to carry a small creek. A successful drive allows many players to go for the green in two, though it is protected by a large tree. From No. 2 tee box, you also have access to No. 8 green and No. 9 tee. As you continue down the left side of No. 2 fairway, you will also be able to view No. 7 fairway.

Nos. 3-7 – Fans can follow groups throughout the front nine. Holes 3-7 are, in essence, a long loop bringing you back to the central staging area near No. 8 green and No. 2 tee box. Limited restroom facilities are available on these holes, and a beverage stand is located near the No. 6 green and No. 7 tee box. These holes feature two par 3s, two par 4s – including one of the most difficult holes on the course – and the longest hole on the course, the No. 6 par 5. You will get in some good steps if you follow golfers on these holes!

No. 8 – This downhill par 3 features a natural amphitheater for great viewing of tee shots and putts. The concession stand at No. 2 tee is a short walk away.

No. 9 – The front 9 closes with an uphill par 5. Fans can follow golfers down the right side of the fairway. Hills behind the green provide a great spot to watch the players try to reach this green in two. The Leinie Lodge Pavilion is just behind No. 9 green and is open to the public.

No. 10 – This long, narrow par 4 provides viewing options all along the right side of the fairway and behind the tee box. The celebrity foursome of Brett Favre, Derek Jeter, Darius Rucker and Andy North begins on No. 10 on Saturday, June 24, at 1:30 p.m. From No. 10 tee, fans can access all amenities near No. 14 green/No. 15 tee. These include the UW Health Sports Performance Experience, a public grandstand sponsored by UW Health, a full concession stand, first aid tent at No. 14 green and the UW-Madison Experience at No. 15 tee. Near No. 10 green, fans can use a crosswalk (new this year) to access the right side of the par 5 No. 11, or they can cross over to the left side in front of No. 11 tee.

No. 11 – Fans can follow the action on each side of the fairway and behind the green of this reachable par 5.

No. 12 – Fans can line the right side of this hole, a downhill par 3, which featured a hole in one in 2016. Fans can also cut through to No. 13 fairway, using a crosswalk near No. 12 tee box (new this year).

No. 13 – Fans can walk along the full left side of this hole or watch the action from the right side, approximately 120 yards from the green. Viewing is also available all around the green.

No. 14 – A popular hole in 2016, several amenities have been added to this hole:

  • The UW Health Sports Performance Experience

  • A large, public grandstand sponsored by UW Health

  • Expanded concession stand

  • A first aid tent sponsored by UW Health

In addition, fans can take a crosswalk near No. 14 tee (new this year) to catch the action at No. 15 fairway and green.

No. 15 – At the tee, UW-Madison offers a terrific fan deck, complete with Union Terrace chairs. Follow players down the right side all the way behind the green. In 2016, No. 15 was a pivotal hole as players decided whether to try to drive the green on this short par 4, or play safely to the fairway, avoiding the bunkers on the left and the trees on the right. Fans wanting to catch action on the final hole can access No. 18 green and fairway from just beyond No. 15 tee.

No. 16 – Fans can follow the players along the left side of this reachable par 5. A crosswalk to No. 17 (new this year) is available just in front of the tee.

No. 17 – A fan favorite, this hole features Club Strick seating for sponsors, an expanded Great Dane Beer Garden, and ample space around the green to watch action on this par 3. A video board has been added to this hole, which will provide live action from the tournament, player scores and more fan info. The left and right side of No. 17 is available for spectators as well.

No. 18 – The tournament closes with an uphill, par 4. An expanded and improved grandstand is available on the right side of the green, and a new video board is also viewable at No. 18 green. On Saturday for the celebrity foursome, and again on Sunday for the final group, we will drop the ropes and allow fans to follow players up No. 18 fairway and circle the green to watch the final putts. On Sunday, we invite everyone to stay for the Dream Achieved trophy presentation, immediately following conclusion of play.

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